Living Room Color Ideas

While going for decorating the living room, one should give more stress as it is the main gateway to your house. You may have some living room color ideas and before going for that, consider your budget. But there is no reason to worry as there are many beautiful living room color ideas which can be implemented without spending much.

To begin with, you can paint only one wall with some attractive contrast colors. This will really give a very gorgeous look to the living room without spending much as in that case, you will not have to paint all the four walls. Make that tone a little darker than the tone of the other walls.

You can place colorful pillows on different furniture in it’s. This is rated among the top living room color ideas, as it will add more color to your family room. You can have different pillows as per the design of the furniture.

Green plants with flowering can also give a colorful look to your drawing room. If you are confused on what plant to use, you can consult a nursery as they can give you wonderful suggestions. You can maintain their glare by simply dusting them. You can add odd things if you want to follow unconventional living room color ideas. You can add a whimsical lamp shade or a colorful sculpture.

Many colorful lamp shades are found at a cheap price in a lamp shop. You can add a ribbon around at the top and the bottom so that it becomes more colorful.

You can add some color to the floor by suitably placing some rugs strategically in front of a chair or beneath the coffee table. In this case, the color of the rug used should be a contrast to the ones used on the wall or on the floor. If there is a boring wall, it is better to cover it with a nicely designed mirror and keep some interesting decorating piece on it to make it look attractive.

If there is a bookshelf, paint it with two colors and the different shades will add more color.

Incredible Ways On How to Create A Country-Style Living Room

If you are looking for ways on how to remodel your living room, changing the look from just plain space to a stylish country-style place without hiring an interior designer can be achieved. Transforming the look of your living room is not as difficult as you think. You just need to consider some factors that you need to modify in order to achieve this style.

Country-styled homes have a very relaxing ambiance that will allow you to feel like you are in a vacation away from the busy life that you have when in fact you are only at your home. A lot of people want this sensation, especially so that when they arrive at their own houses, they just want to relax and find comfort inside their own abodes. In order to accomplish this, here are some incredible ways on how to redesign your own living room into a vacation place that you always dreamed of.

First step is to have your furnace as your focal point. You may place a big clock on top of it and hang pictures on the wall. You can also add classic pictures or paintings that would relax your mood such as open fields, farm, and fish pens. However, if you don’t have a furnace, you can just repaint your wall with warm solid color or just repaint one side with brick illusion and decorate it with vintage arts.

Second step is to change the furniture’s seat cover with checker pattern. You don’t really need to buy a new couch; you just need to add cushions with a checker pattern to complement this theme. Afterwards arrange them in a semi-circular manner with a coffee table in the middle to create a warm and cozy ambiance.

Next step is to install plantation shutters in your windows to achieve an all-out country feel. Since these shutters provide a sense of warmth and security, it’s no wonder why they are used to attain a country feel in your room. These shutters allow you to feel that relaxing classic mood.

Afterwards, add drapes in your windows. These should be long enough to hang at least an inch or two from the floor. These curtain drapes should have a checker pattern too. And if not, it should have a strong solid colour with symmetrical patterns.

Last step is to have lampshades just adjacent to the furnace to have sufficient illumination. The warm passionate lighting are one of the essential feature not only to achieve the country look but that country ambiance as well. It may be a floor lamp shades, table lamp shades, as long as it correspond with the theme, and then you’re good to go.

Achieving that Country-Style look in your living room is not as difficult as you think. You just need to have a few modifications inside you living room. With just few efforts, you can be in two places at once!

Living Room Storage Ideas

The living room should be a place for relaxing as well as housing everything from DVDs and games to books and magazines. Therefore it needs to have plenty of the right storage. Prevent overcrowding by looking for dual-purpose furniture: coffee tables with extra draws, shelving to hold books and accessories and large lidded baskets, which are perfect for storing throws and will double up as a side table.

Window Seat

All you need to create a window seat is a bench with drawers or, even simpler, boxes or baskets, lined up beneath the window sill. Go for cushions or seat pads to make it comfortable. With the additional seating and storage that a window seat provides you may even find you can lose an armchair or cabinet and create more floor space.

Back to Back Shelving

A narrow shelving unit or console table positioned against the back of a sofa won’t intrude into the room and will hide away the back of your seating.

Side Storage

Store cushions and accessories in large boxes to make a seasonal swap around the speediest of jobs. Place one next to your sofa and it will double up as a small side table. Use a smaller lidded box on top to tidy away accessories such as coasters and remote controls, too.

Display Cabinet

Give your room character by storing your best glassware or crockery in a glass-fronted cabinet, where the pieces can be seen. If your room is compact, a narrow design is best. Buy one with lots of individual doors to make taking your items in and out of the cabinet easier.

If you have children, put breakables at the top and more robust pieces lower down.

Exemplary Designs of TV Units That Can Prettify Your Living Room

Yes, it is extremely important to have an appropriate piece of furniture kept at the adequate place in our home. Furniture is majorly responsible for bringing in the beauty and serenity in our homes. But putting furniture haphazardly leads to a mess big time! Your furniture, the color of the walls and the lighting should be well synced, not to break the aura of the room. Either you should make the correct choice about what furniture item to fit in or take some recommendations from your interior designer to avoid blunders. For example, if you have a compact room that does not allow abundant sunlight to enter, and you buy black colored furniture items, then you will end up with a room that is too dark to sit! Adding more lights to the room would be the only option you would be left with. Therefore, it is mandatory to investigate well, before committing to any investment.

From daily soaps to cartoons to movies, everything that entertains you can be enjoyed using a TV. And the furniture that promises to safeguard this entertainment box is referred to as TV stands. Since TVs can be placed in the Living room or the Bedroom, because some love to watch TV privately, in their room, without getting disturbed or it is like a sleeping pill for some! So wherever your TV is, a TV cabinet is a must to hold it carefully. There are many designs of TV units available in the market, but you need to choose the one that compliments your room and works for you! Finding the right TV stand can be easy if you go through the following designs:

  1. Open Shelving design: This super affordable design is the most popular and the least obtrusive kind of design. Those who have a compact area and wish to keep the TV visually open, then open shelving TV cabinet are just what they need. These TV units also provide a good amount of shelves to store the other things like DVD player, speakers, or set-top boxes in it, being a wholesome entertainment shelf!
  2. Open Shelving with Side towers: This design of TV cabinet makes the heart of your living room, in which you can store a lot of things, in fact, form a showcase or a small library! It is strongly recommended to buy this design when you have a large living room. You can fearlessly place big woofers in those tall shelves!
  3. Hutch-like Design: On the top of the rectangular box-like cabinet, a TV rests. This TV stand makes a win-win situation for us because it provides a lot of shelving space along with being affordable. All the shelves, except for the area where the TV hangs, are covered with the glass.
  4. Cabinet-like TV units: When you do not like your TV to attract a lot of dust, then go for a cabinet like TV cabinet, that has a sliding door or window-like opening. This unit has a lot of drawers so that you can store your things very easily in those!
  5. Swivel-like TV Units: If you want to place your TV in your bedroom, but can not find much space to fit in an adequate TV unit, no bothering then, use this swivel-like TV cabinet that enables visibility of the TV from any angle with the help of its adjust-ability.
  6. Wall mounted TV Stand: This TV unit that performs its function of supporting a TV without demanding any space on the floor. You can use this modular, clean-looking TV stand to hold the TV along with providing some space for storage or display purpose.

An appropriate TV cabinet will easily blend with the background of the wall it is placed on. So, buying a TV cabinet that serves all the purposes is recommended!