One Room at a Time – Living Room

Designing and decorating your home can be an overwhelming task. How do you keep focus and stay within your budget when a whole house is looming with both possibilities and problems to spare? A good solution is to take it one room at a time.

The living room is no longer the antiquated and underused room that it used to be. With square footage at a premium we want to be able to use every room we have. Often the living room is more than a space to entertain in. In homes that lack a family room, it can be called into action for television viewing, entertaining, relaxing, and sometimes even a home office may be tucked into a corner.
Here are some key elements to consider when decorating a living room:

The function of a room refers to how the space will be used. A living room can be tricky to design because there are often large pieces of furniture and the space may be used for several different functions. To find the best floor plan without breaking your back, do it on paper first. It is a good idea to decide what your space will be used for and prioritize accordingly. If the space will be used primarily for entertaining, seating and arrangements that are conducive to conversation will be at the top of your list. However, if you will be watching television most of the time, the tv will take precedence. Make sure your room has a focal point such as a fireplace or windows. It adds focus and a place to rest your eyes.

Furniture is the bridge between form and function in any design. It is the element that will determine the function of the space. There are many stylish sofas available that are also very comfortable. There are unlimited possibilities for chairs also as a seating option. They can range from overstuffed to sculptural. There truly is a chair to match any style. Tables are some of the most useful and most overlooked pieces of furniture in a living space. They provide extra storage, a place to put needed lighting, not to mention somewhere to put your feet up or set down a drink. They can go by all kinds of different names: end table, coffee table, side table, sofa table, cocktail table, console table, and the list goes on. Any or all can be useful additions to your space and a great way to reinforce the style and feel of your space. If you plan to watch television, the media console is another key piece of furniture. Depending on your taste, it can hide the tv behind closed doors, or a flat screen can look great displayed on a more modern piece.

Adding textiles, artwork, lighting, and accessories are what give the room character and personality, specifically your personality. Textiles in the form of rugs, pillows, drapes, and throws are comforting and an easy way to add color, pattern, and interest. This is the fun part! Sticking to a color palette will make your space more pulled together but don’t be afraid to add pops of color. Artwork is a very personal decision and you should choose things you like. Keep in mind your colors and the mood that you are trying to achieve. For example, if you want a restful relaxing space choosing bold bright artwork may work against you. Lighting is often an after thought, but it is key to making a space you will want to spend time in. If a room is dark and unwelcoming or appropriate task lighting is absent you may not use the room the way you want to. Accessories may seem like a small part of a space and often the dregs of the budget are used to buy a few things, but they truly do make the space. They are a reflection of you; the things you love and want to see. Just don’t go overboard with knick knacks and such. A few treasured accessories go along way to making the room feel complete.

Now that your living room is complete you can stand back and admire your handiwork. Now which room to tackle next?…

Tips For Decorating Your Living Room on a Budget

In most homes, the living room is the place where most of the action happens. This is where you spend time together as a family and entertain your friends. Apart from the bed room, your living room is where you spend the maximum time in your house. It is no wonder then, that all of us want our living rooms to look good and be comfortable. However, with constant wear and tear, our living room starts looking drab, old fashioned and mostly in need of a change for the better. Unfortunately, redecorating even a single room in the house can prove to be extremely costly, and a situation involving redecorating your living room is no different. However, with our tips on redoing your living room, you can easily and quickly freshen up your living room’s decor without spending a huge packet.

Bring Out The Colors: Changing the color scheme of a room is an easy and inexpensive method of redecorating it. Choose a color scheme that is different from what your living room was sporting earlier. In order to give your living room paint a professional feel, mix and match two or three colors, paint one wall a different color or use dark colors for accenting certain portions of the room.

Go Green: Bringing in plants into your living room adds both color and life to the room. Adding greens to a room always makes it look classy and cool. Buy a couple of potted plants and arrange them in a corner of the living room where there is some light. You can also keep your plants in a dark corner and hang a lamp on top. This will not only make sure that your plants live; it will also result in a beautiful corner arrangement.

Add Space: If you wish your living room was larger than what it currently is, but can do nothing much about it, then putting up a couple of mirrors on the wall is the next best thing to breaking down walls. Mirrors add an illusion of added space, and if you do it correctly, you might just end fooling yourself about the actual size of your living room.

Cover Your Floors: Changing your dull or drab floor tiles or carpeting is an extremely expensive move. If you are fed up with your old floor, then buying carpets and multi colored rugs and placing them strategically across your living room will give your living room floor a new lease of life and color at a minimal cost. You can choose from a wide range of floor coverings depending on your budget and the theme of your living room.

Create Your Own Art: One of the cheapest methods of decorating your room is by using art work and decorative pieces that you have created yourself. Even if you are not very artistic, you can easily put together a collage of pictures, leaves or dry flowers that will look appealing once it is framed. You can also frame interesting pieces of fabrics or cushion covers to create a tapestry like wall hanging.

Add To Your Upholstery: While changing all the furniture in your living room, sofas, settees and chairs can be very costly, you can easily get the upholstery changed for a fraction of the price, and your sofas will once again start looking new. If you cannot find someone to do this for you, then you can shop around for throws, shawls and new cushion covers to give your seating space a new look for less.

Create A Do It All Living Room

Create two distinct areas with a clever layout, but link the two by choosing furniture in matching woods and using the same colour scheme throughout the space.

Top tips

Modular sofa

A corner sofa, with a low arm, acts as a divider between the living and dining areas without blocking the view.

Co-ordinating fabrics

Tie the two areas together by using the same fabrics to make napkins and runners for the table, and cushions for the sofa and chairs.

Spot lighting

Hanging a low-level pendant light over the table helps to define the dining area of the room.

Living Room and Hallway

A living room that’s also a hallway, can be stylish and welcoming. Come in, hang your coat on the understairs rack, and snuggle down in the seating area, which is painted a warm ochre to make it the focus of the space.

Top tips

Door curtain

Use a curtain, made from a pretty floral fabric, to conceal the front door. It will keep out draughts, and add colour to the scheme, too.

Cream-painted stairway area

Painting the understairs, banister and stairwell the same creamy white, separates them visually from the ochre seating area

Family Living room

Think practical and stylish: hard-wearing flooring, washable and wipe-down upholstery and loads of storage, combined with bold blue walls, pretty fabrics and a luxurious rug.

Top tips

Wall-to-wall shelving

Run shelves right across the chimney breast and alcoves – the narrow middle section is ideal for pictures.

Versatile table

A compact design, made from glass and chrome, slots around the sofa arm – perfect for your laptop, games console or TV dinner.

Built-in storage

Even a shallow alcove can be used for storage – you can fit slim cupboards, with narrow shelves inside, for storing CDs and DVDs.

Accessories For the Living Room

You can always make your living room look spectacular and provide the right atmosphere for family and friends relaxation. From the furniture to the decorative pieces, living room accessories are available for all types of house styles. Modern room accessories come in a variety of beautiful designs to choose from and you can always remodel the living room to give it a more modern look.

Some rooms look good with a combination of both traditional and modern accessories, and it all depends on how you mix them to blend well. The main thing is to make the room comfortable at the same time bringing out your taste and style. With a large room space, you can have as many accessories as you like as long as you don’t’ compromise on the remaining space. You don’t have to make it cluttered just because you want all your favorite furniture to fit in. If the room is small, minimize on the accessories.

Go for modern designs that are both simple and affordable if you are working on a tight budget. You can always get modern designs that are beautiful and cheap and these will still give your living room the modern look you want. Since you might be spending a lot of time in the room with family, make the furniture comfortable and consider the children if you have them. Children may want to play on top of the furniture hence get furniture that will be user friendly for them.

The living room may also be the place you have entertainment with your friends which means you should get accessories that will make this possible. Remember to make an entertainment centre when arranging your furniture which will include a TV, DVD players and more entertainment gear you can afford.

Living room furniture includes cabinets, coffee tables, end tables, sofas, side tables among others. Decorative room accessories such as picture frames and flower vases add to the ambience of the room so they should match the style and theme you have chosen for the living room. The living room floor should not be forgotten as it matters too to the general look of the place. You can decide to put rugs to cover the floor that will blend well with the furniture and other accessories. Make the lighting appropriate to bring out right atmosphere..

When you think of improving your room to get rid of that ordinary look, there are many home improvement companies that can help you get that look you want within just a short time. They can help you to choose a theme, arrange the house for you and even tell you the best furniture to buy. Decorating a place is not very easy and these companies can also do that in minutes. Remember that it is not always a must to get completely new living room accessories but you can rearrange the ones you have and get a few new ones to add.