One Room at a Time – Living Room

Designing and decorating your home can be an overwhelming task. How do you keep focus and stay within your budget when a whole house is looming with both possibilities and problems to spare? A good solution is to take it one room at a time.

The living room is no longer the antiquated and underused room that it used to be. With square footage at a premium we want to be able to use every room we have. Often the living room is more than a space to entertain in. In homes that lack a family room, it can be called into action for television viewing, entertaining, relaxing, and sometimes even a home office may be tucked into a corner.
Here are some key elements to consider when decorating a living room:

The function of a room refers to how the space will be used. A living room can be tricky to design because there are often large pieces of furniture and the space may be used for several different functions. To find the best floor plan without breaking your back, do it on paper first. It is a good idea to decide what your space will be used for and prioritize accordingly. If the space will be used primarily for entertaining, seating and arrangements that are conducive to conversation will be at the top of your list. However, if you will be watching television most of the time, the tv will take precedence. Make sure your room has a focal point such as a fireplace or windows. It adds focus and a place to rest your eyes.

Furniture is the bridge between form and function in any design. It is the element that will determine the function of the space. There are many stylish sofas available that are also very comfortable. There are unlimited possibilities for chairs also as a seating option. They can range from overstuffed to sculptural. There truly is a chair to match any style. Tables are some of the most useful and most overlooked pieces of furniture in a living space. They provide extra storage, a place to put needed lighting, not to mention somewhere to put your feet up or set down a drink. They can go by all kinds of different names: end table, coffee table, side table, sofa table, cocktail table, console table, and the list goes on. Any or all can be useful additions to your space and a great way to reinforce the style and feel of your space. If you plan to watch television, the media console is another key piece of furniture. Depending on your taste, it can hide the tv behind closed doors, or a flat screen can look great displayed on a more modern piece.

Adding textiles, artwork, lighting, and accessories are what give the room character and personality, specifically your personality. Textiles in the form of rugs, pillows, drapes, and throws are comforting and an easy way to add color, pattern, and interest. This is the fun part! Sticking to a color palette will make your space more pulled together but don’t be afraid to add pops of color. Artwork is a very personal decision and you should choose things you like. Keep in mind your colors and the mood that you are trying to achieve. For example, if you want a restful relaxing space choosing bold bright artwork may work against you. Lighting is often an after thought, but it is key to making a space you will want to spend time in. If a room is dark and unwelcoming or appropriate task lighting is absent you may not use the room the way you want to. Accessories may seem like a small part of a space and often the dregs of the budget are used to buy a few things, but they truly do make the space. They are a reflection of you; the things you love and want to see. Just don’t go overboard with knick knacks and such. A few treasured accessories go along way to making the room feel complete.

Now that your living room is complete you can stand back and admire your handiwork. Now which room to tackle next?…