Living Room Cleaning Tips

The living room is undoubtedly the most trafficked room in the house. This is not surprising seeing as it is where the family converges to touch base, connect and communicate. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it gets dirty quickly and needs to be cleaned as frequently as possible.

Only problem is that you probably don’t have the time to clean it as frequently and as thoroughly as possible. So, how can you clean the living room quickly, thoroughly and without missing the important spots?

The quickest way to do that would be to hire a cleaning service. Most reputable living room cleaning services have staffs that are trained to effectively clean the house without missing any spot. And the good thing is they can come in on designated days to clean the house -whether you’re around or not. So, unless you’ve arranged for them to come every day, you still need to know to clean up the room and house every day. The following tips will help you do that in less than 15 minutes.

Ensure that All Cleaning Supplies are in One Place

This will save you a lot of time later. The best way to do this is to have all of them in one handy carry on basket that you can reach when you need to. The items you should have in the basket include Swiffer cloths or pledge mitts, long reach duster (perfect for getting to high hard to reach places), micro-fiber cloth, cleaning agents, disinfecting and surface wipes, Windex and a mop.

Declutter the Couch

How great your sitting room looks does not matter if the couch is cluttered and un-arranged. So, start with the couch. Rearrange and fluff the couch so it looks clean and tidy. Remove all clothing materials, that don’t belong on the couch, toys and any other thing there. If your kids left their toys there, just gather them in one place and transfer them to their toy box or closet. If you have a portable or hand vacuum, use that to get rid of crumbs, hair, and dust particles on the couch.

Throw all Unnecessary Items in the Container or Basket

Put this in the middle of the room and dump all the things that shouldn’t be in the living room there. This is a more effective use of your time and is always better than running to different parts of the house to replace things.

Fix the Coffee Table

If there’s a coffee table or a center table in the living room, wipe it down, dust it and rearrange the items therein. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just make sure that they are neatly and decently arranged so the table doesn’t look untidy.

Vacuum The Living Room

Now, vacuum the whole living room. If you did the first four well, vacuuming won’t take too long at all. This will help remove and eliminate all outstanding dirt and dust. If there is water on the floor, be sure to mop the floor and clean it before vacuuming. All these won’t take longer than 15 minutes -20 minutes tops- to do. So, do them and your living room will end up looking very tidy and clean.